What is trkr?

trkr is a mobile app for hardcore offroaders
who want to keep track of each other on their wild adventures.

Ever been on one of those mad offroad trips with a large group of friends and wished you could check up on each other? Spent hours trying to sync up waiting for that one guy who’s always getting lost? You suddenly look around only to find that you’ve strayed from the pack? Got stuck with no one in sight to give you a hand? Wanted to share a thought on the fly without stopping the entire fleet?

trkr is the answer.


organize fleets

  • Create or join fleets
  • Assign drivers and passengers
  • Track relative positions and speed
  • Maintain fleet history

track fleets in real time

  • Google and Apple Maps realtime fleet tracking
  • See everyone’s position on the map
  • Multiple views and orientations
  • Map dashboard and dials
  • Tracks caching when off the grid
  • Even works on EDGE at low data speeds

communicate with your fleet

  • Track and stay in touch all in one place
  • Text chat with fleet members
  • Passengers can get in on the action
  • Chat popups in map view

emergency broadcast messages

  • Let everyone know you need a hand
  • Shows last known location on the map
  • Send everyone an SOS text message

get notified

trkr is a mobile app for offroaders